Curata Reader Is Now Closed

Curata Reader is now closed. As we announced last week, the cost of operating this free reader was far to high to sustain.  We are sorry to leave our users hanging, but we simply couldn’t afford it any more.

If you plan to move to another feed reader, we can want to ensure you have your data. If you didn’t download your subscriptions OPML file before the shutdown today, enter your email address in the form on and we will email you a link to download your data.  All other user data has been permanently deleted.

Thank you to everyone who used Curata Reader during its short lifespan, especially our daily users. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed building it.

Curata Reader is Shutting Down

We regret to announce that Curata Reader will be shutting down to the public on December 4, 2013. We loved our little reader as much as our users, but the costs of operating it are simply too high. We’re not the first team to confront the high costs of running a free, web-based feed reader (see The Old Reader’s near-death experience and, of course, Google Reader itself), and we probably won’t be the last.

We know this will be disappointing to you the users, especially after we were all stranded by Google Reader’s demise just six months ago. We will do our best to ensure you have the subscription data you need to transition to a new feed reader, both before and after Curata Reader shuts down.

How to get your subscription data

Between now and December 4th, you can download your subscriptions as an OPML file by going to Settings and clicking Export Subscriptions.


On the day Curata Reader shuts down, we will email you one last time with a link to download your subscription data OPML file, which will be available for at least 60 days.

All other user data will be permanently deleted, so there will be no need for you try to manually delete or cancel your account. If you logged in using Google, you can revoke the access you granted to Curata Reader by following these instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Curata Reader Support or by email at

Curata Reader Runner-up for MassTLC Consumer Product of the Year

It was a photo finish last night as the audience of the MassTLC Awards banquet voted by text message for the Consumer Product of the Year. Curata Reader had an early lead, but just as voting closed we came up two votes shy the winner, video analysis and sports coaching app UberSense.  Congratulations to the UberSense team!

Thank you to all the Curata Reader users who voted online, propelling us oh-so-close to the brink of victory.

Google Alerts Via RSS Is Back

The Next Web reports that Google Alerts are available again via RSS for the first time since Google Reader was shuttered in July.

This reversal seems to suggest Google doesn’t have a problem with the RSS standard, as many have speculated when the company killed Google Reader and continued to provide other services that are proprietary. While we can’t expect Google Reader to come back, at least Google isn’t trying to kill RSS along with it.

Here’s hoping that’s true.

Read the original at The Next Web

Vote for Curata Reader for Consumer Product of the Year

We’re proud to say that Curata Reader made the cut as a finalist for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) Consumer Product of the Year.


Last year, our flagship product Curata won the Sales & Marketing Technology of the Year Award. Unlike that award, the consumer award is not decided by judges, but instead solely by votes and fans like you. With thousands of vocal users, we’re confident we can win this award, but only with your support.

If you love Curata Reader, please take a minute to Vote for Curata Reader here and share on social media.  Voting ends in September.

How to view all feeds in headline only mode

We’ve received many requests over the past few weeks via our support forum for the ability to view all articles in a headline only mode.  You can now easily do this with Curata Reader without having to adjust the article display length settings for each individual feeds. Here’s how:

In the desktop edition, in the top left, hover over the All Articles item and you will see an edit pencil icon as shown below.  Click on the edit pencil icon.


From there you can adjust and save the article display length settings which will then be applied to all feeds (as shown below). Keep in mind if you add feeds in the future, you will need to correctly set the display length settings for those particular feeds.


In addition, you can globally set filters for all articles and categories as well, rather than just on a per feed basis.

Curata Reader for Android

Curata Reader MobileThere have been a significant number of users over the past few weeks who are looking for a Curata Reader application in the Google Play App Store for Android.  Similarly, some users have been searching for a Curata Reader application for iOS as well. Some of these users have inadvertently downloaded the mobile application for our flagship content curation product Curata.

In reality, there is no Curata Reader application specific mobile application.  Instead you can simply load in your mobile browser and login to a responsively designed web application that should suit your needs.

Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts

Yesterday we added keyboard several shortcuts that are backwards compatible with Google Reader for efficient browsing of your articles.  Here’s a quick guide to the available shortcuts:

  • Next Article: n or j.
  • Previous Article: p or k.
  • Previous Page: Shift + p
  • Next Page: Shift + n.

We hear you: 3 Upcoming Additions to Curata Reader

In the past two weeks since the launch of Curata Reader, we have received many feature requests for all sorts of features and enhancements. We hear you loud and clear.

We have decided to move forward with three very popular feature requests that keep coming up over and over:

  • Keeping track of unseen articles. We plan to add functionality to track which articles you have seen and not seen, so that you can only peruse the articles that you have not seen before.
  • Designating which feeds and categories have unseen articles. We plan to add functionality to designate which feeds and categories contain articles that have not been seen previously, so that you can quickly go to directly those article queues.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. We will add keyboard shortcuts to accelerate the browsing of articles for power users.

Thank you for trying out Curata Reader.  Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming.